Hands-on flexible learning projects for teaching ecology!

Looking for hands-on flexible learning projects for teaching ecology in the pandemic? @ERENweb

Check out our new publication that highlights flexible and inclusive Ecological Research as Education Network (EREN) flexible learning projects that use field-collected and National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) data for teaching ecology. These projects allow for socially-distanced field data collection by undergraduates, and offer options for a variety of teaching formats (in-person, remote, mixture of both).

Publication: Flexible and Inclusive Ecology Projects that Harness Collaboration and NEON-Enabled Science to Enhance Student Learning

Link to: EREN-NEON Flexible Learning Projects

Siena College blog article: Lab Work, and Lichens, from Home.

NEON blog article: EREN-NEON Flexible Learning Projects Enable Socially Distanced Ecology.

Support for this work was provided by funding from the National Science Foundation (Award No. DBI-2037827).