About Me

Dr. Kolozsvary has worked in various aspects of wildlife and aquatic biology research and management. She has extensive experience contributing, building, and cooperatively leading partnerships among a variety of constituencies in biodiversity conservation. As a biodiversity scientist for the New York State Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI), where she served as scientific liaison to the BRI’s scientific working group for 6 years, she worked with other expert scientists to identify priorities for biodiversity, conservation, and educational projects in New York State. She served as an expert participant and reviewer of many projects and regional conservation initiatives, such as New York State’s Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy and several of their watershed action plans. She also served as an active participant in the Eastern Chapter of The Nature Conservancy’s Hudson River Estuary Watershed conservation planning initiative. She has been instrumental in creating and fostering networks of scientific experts, through working groups, coordinating symposia and conferences, and partnering with regional organizations. She has also led and partnered with other agencies and non-governmental organizations to produce exhibits designed to educate the public about biodiversity science and issues affecting its conservation. 

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences
Siena College
515 Loudon Rd
Loudonville, NY 12211
Email: mkolozsvary *at* siena.edu
Phone: 518-782-6968
Office: Roger Bacon 236

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